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Connecting legal teams and investigators in order to streamline decision-making and save costs.

Bringing Investigators and legal Teams Together

Legal Case Manager creates a highly secure environment where professionals can share their information with their legal teams early on in their investigations, promoting effective co-operative working practices and improving communication.

Enhance Your Decision Making Process

Legal Case Manager uses bespoke algorithms to automatically calculate the strength of all linked evidence stored in Evidence Manager so that you can score and prioritise your information. This enables you to take more effective decisions in line with your investigating processes and strategy.

Legal Case Manager's Key Features

Four key features to help you in your decision-making and streamline the legal process.

Justification & Prioritisation

Advanced inbuilt algorithms analyse the evidence for you, helping you to remove the guesswork around case identification and make more informed decisions.

Budget Control

Legal Document Creation

Reduces repetition and cuts legal costs by automatically using the information held in Evidence Manager to pre-populate legal forms.

Singing Document

Cost Control

Helps you to identify which cases have the best chance of success and offer the greatest return on investment by getting legal teams involved at the earliest possible opportunity.


Secure Systems

Security is critical when it comes to legal systems, so Legal Case Manager has A+ encryption at every level and Cyber Essentials Plus, while we only use ISO 27017 secured data systems.

Cyber Security

Investigation Manager

A powerful management digital solution specifically developed for investigators, giving you an instant overview and total control of complex investigations.

Evidence Manager

Ground-breaking management software that operates to criminal investigation standards, ensuring evidence can be properly gathered, recorded and tracked, creating a secure and reliable chain of custody.

Legal Case Manager

Cloud-based platform allowing legal and operational teams to share information, ensuring transparency, better collaboration, improved decision-making and reduced costs.