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Global, award-winning and market-leading advanced evidence management solution.

Evidential Insights

In any investigation, your evidence is vital, but all too often cases fail because it has been insufficiently managed or controlled. We’ve drawn on our many years’ experience of gathering and building cases to create Evidence Manager, which not only records and tracks the movement of evidence within your chain of custody but also offers a wealth of information, including details and imagery of items recovered and the findings of formal analysis.

Evidence Manager operates to criminal investigation standards, so can be used in civil proceedings, while its methodology is recognised and accepted by law enforcement and criminal courts.

Evidential Reporting and Analysis

The ability to gather, organise and analysis evidence is critical to the success of any investigation, as is the ability to report your findings to others. Evidence Manager makes all of this possible at the touch of a button, while making planning and directing further avenues of investigation, as well as measuring success and ROI, a straightforward process.

Evidence Manager's Key Features

Four outstanding features giving you total control of all the evidence within your chain of custody and helping you to achieve a positive outcome.

Track & Trace

An advanced system allowing you to search for and view what evidence is held, where it was recovered, who has handled it and where it is currently located

Track & Trace

Reporting & Analysis

Powerful search functionality and tailored reporting allows you to better identify key data at an operational and strategic level, giving your investigations greater focus and driving them forward

Reporting & Analysis


Protecting the integrity of your evidence by ensuring that all information is secure, meaning it cannot be amended, overwritten or deleted.

Tamper Proof

Exhibit Management

Keeping a record of how every exhibit or critical piece of evidence is collected and handled as it passes through your chain of custody.

Exhibit Management

Investigation Manager

A powerful management digital solution specifically developed for investigators, giving you an instant overview and total control of complex investigations.

Evidence Manager

Ground-breaking management software that operates to criminal investigation standards, ensuring evidence can be properly gathered, recorded and tracked, creating a secure and reliable chain of custody.

Legal Case Manager

Cloud-based platform allowing legal and operational teams to share information, ensuring transparency, better collaboration, improved decision-making and reduced costs.