The Team

Our Story

A Unique Convergence of Diverse Disciplines

For more than a decade, our company founders have carried out complex investigations on behalf of government agencies, legal firms and some of the biggest companies in the world, helping to bring criminals to justice, keeping people safe and saving businesses millions of pounds in lost revenue.

By combining talents and expertise built up over many years spent working in the military, intelligence, law enforcement and technology sectors, they developed a series of cutting-edge online investigative tools to help them in their day-to-day work.

After successfully implementing and sharing this software with their global client-base, demand grew for the platforms to be made commercially available for use by other professionals struggling to get to grips with the increasing complexity of their own investigations.

As a result, Custodian Solutions was born, and we have grown into an award-winning, ground-breaking technology company, thanks to our innovative approach and unique understanding of the needs and demands of the clients that we work alongside.

Investigation Manager

A powerful management digital solution specifically developed for investigators, giving you an instant overview and total control of complex investigations.

Evidence Manager

Ground-breaking management software that operates to criminal investigation standards, ensuring evidence can be properly gathered, recorded and tracked, creating a secure and reliable chain of custody.

Legal Case Manager

Cloud-based platform allowing legal and operational teams to share information, ensuring transparency, better collaboration, improved decision-making and reduced costs.