Custodian Solutions “excited” to be launching new website

Leading investigation management software providers Custodian Solutions are looking forward to spreading the news, sharing its expertise and showcasing its products after it launched its new website.

The company, whose new site, www.custodiansolutions.com went online today, was founded by a team of industry experts with many years’ experience in the military, intelligence, law enforcement and technology sectors.

Custodian Solutions was formed after its founders built their own bespoke software solutions in order to undertake their own complex international investigations on behalf of clients including government agencies, legal firms and some of the largest companies in the world.

The solutions provided them with a digital resource enabling them to efficiently manage their investigations, which included sharing their findings with their clients and legal teams, keeping tight control on the gathering, transportation and protection of vital evidence and offering up-to-date information on the cost of the investigation itself.

The solutions, which utilise cloud-based storage and mobile connectivity, have been used for a number of years but were so successful that clients requested the software themselves.

The requests encouraged the founders, Gary West, Alex Butlin and Joel Stobart, to commercialise the solutions, and Custodian Solutions was born. The company is now making strong in-roads into the industry and hopes that its new website will enable it to grow further, as well as offer added value to the investigative community.

Alexander Butlin, COO: “We are extremely excited to be launching our new website, which is the perfect shop window to showcase who we are and explain how our experience of investigations across the globe has shaped our product range. It is also our ambition to one day use the website to share advice and expertise. The success of any investigation can often depend on the smallest of details, so we are all very keen to offer whatever help and guidance we can to help clients or other professionals take the simple steps needed to ensure that their investigations do not end in failure.”

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