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Chivy Thrower: The Quatern Hogwarts Houses Explained

Updated on July 4, 2019

K S Lane


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So, you’ve fair been grouped into your Hogwarts Firm. It’s an exciting meter in any new brainpower or genius’s living, but it course comes with lots of questions. What does it bastardly to be grouped into your family? What does it say some your personality? Your strengths and weaknesses? And, nigh significantly, your family is the better one out of them ok? This clause explores roughly of the key traits that delimit members of apiece of the 4 Hogwarts houses; Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. It lists the master characters associated with apiece home and delves into the strengths and weaknesses that delimitate the finish of the quatern houses.

This clause outlines about of the traits of apiece of the edu bridie foursome Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. | Rootage

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Gryffindor Menage:

The allegory of Gryffindor Theater is a lion, symbolizing effectiveness and courageousness | Origin

Flop: Godric Gryffindor

Drumhead of Firm: Prof Minerva McGonnogall

Spook: About Brainless Ding

Theatre Colors: Red and au

Independent Characters: Chevy Tinker, Ron Weasley, Hermione Farmer, Albus Dumbledore, Neville Longbottom, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Ginny Weasley.

Gryffindor is arguably the near focused-on theater in the Chivy Ceramicist serial and gets the nearly page-time devoted to explaining the storey of its founding and its acculturation, which makes sentiency considering the leash independent characters of the serial are all grouped into Gryffindor. Notwithstanding, amongst the serial’ fans thither are amazingly few multitude grouped into Gryffindor theatre, qualification it about ilk an sole cabaret. If you’ve fair been grouped into Gryffindor, praise!

“You mightiness go in Gryffindor, where populate the intrepid of bosom, their boldness, brass and knightliness set Gryffindors obscure.”

— J.K Rowling, Chivy Tinker and the Philosopher’s Endocarp


Bravery: Gryffindors viewpoint firm in the aspect of hardship and read fearlessness in everything they do. This can be open, in the cause of Chivy’s braveness when cladding Voldemort, or more insidious, e.g. in the showcase of Neville chronic to persist and settle on his feet eventide though he struggles with an vivid fright of many things.

Audacious: Gryffindors aren’t loth to put themselves in strong-arm risk when they spirit thither’s a commodity intellect. Chivy, Ron, and Hermione run unflinchingly into risk sentence and clock again during the serial.

Gallantry: Gryffindors tone a potent smell of responsibleness to protect the washy and bequeath act nobly, putt others ahead themselves. This trait makes them extremely magnetic and democratic with others.

Stiff lesson apprehend: Gryffindors lean to see the humans as existence schism into rightfulness and damage and testament attend large lengths to engage and maintain the near piece combat-ready the bad.


Hot-headedness: Because they’re dauntless and venturous Gryffindors can sometimes respond instinctively piece ignoring logic, prima to them organism hot-headed and occasionally irascible. In The Philosopher’s Pit Harass chases Draco Malfoy into the sky on his sweep ended a moderately modest affront, scorn the fact that he’s ne’er flown ahead and is putt himself in good risk.

Rashness: In accession to existence hot-headed, many Gryffindors can be rash in the chase of their goals. This happens when their hardiness and bravery are misused or interpreted too far.

High-handedness: Gryffindors incline to be pop, magnetic, and effective at nearly things that they do. Because of this, roughly Gryffindors can recrudesce high-flown senses of themselves and get self-important.

Hufflepuff Home:

The tip of Hufflepuff Family is a beleaguer, symbolizing hard-work and commitment | Reference

Flop: Helga Hufflepuff

Mind of Home : Prof Pomona Stock

Household Wraith: The Fat Mendicant

Theater Colors: Blackness and yellow-bellied

Principal Characters: Triton Scamander (featured in the Grotesque Beasts dealership), Cedric Diggory, and Nymphadora Tonks.

Hufflepuffs are sometimes seen as the underdogs of the Harass Thrower earth. They’re secure and dependable and unrelentingly dear, but seldom get the prospect to return the inwardness degree on with houses alike Gryffindor and Slytherin. Piece this may disappoint roughly Hufflepuffs, it’s authoritative to recollect that the contributions of Hufflepuff theatre crosswise the serial as a unanimous are undeniable. Hufflepuffs are among the outset to stand and backup Chivvy during his run for the concluding Horcruxes during the conflict of Hogwarts and shew their trueness and loyalty sentence and sentence again. The scoop analogy for a Hufflepuff is a participant on a sports squad that passes the nut on so that another can hit a end; piece they’re not the centre and don’t win celebrity and resplendence, they’re lull vital finally termination of the gambling. As a face annotation, J.Honestness: Hufflepuffs smell a solid hope to address and act candidly in everything that they do. Gryffindors besides esteem this trait, which is role of what makes Hufflepuff-Gryffindor friendships so solid.Unimportance : Different the otc houses, which are all prostrate to high-handedness, Hufflepuffs near ne’er exhibit this trait.

— J.K Rowling, Chevvy Ceramist and the Philosopher’s Lapidate


Trueness: Hufflepuffs micturate the near truehearted friends that a mortal can incur. This substance that Hufflepuffs key powerfully with their Home, as seen in Chalice of Flak, where the bulk of Hufflepuffs bit against Beset because they recollect he’s stressful to countermine one of their own, Cedric Diggory.

Inscription: Hufflepuffs are approximately of the near hard-working students and employees in the Wizarding Reality. Spell they may not birth a cancel honey for erudition and cognition care Ravenclaws or the wiliness and dream of Slytherins, they try their hardest in everything they do and are rewarded for it.

K. Rowling herself has aforesaid that Hufflepuff is her favorite Theater, so if you’ve upright been grouped into Hufflepuff be pleased yourself!”You power go in Hufflepuff, where they are scarce and patriotic, those patient Hufflepuffs are straight and fearless of grind.”

They are mild and lowly in everything that they do and incline to remain aside from those who transude egotism.


Naivete : Hufflepuffs are broadly optimists and capable to receive the effective in everything, but this does signify that they can be primitive. If they’re not thrifty, they can be easy tricked and interpreted vantage of.

Misfortunate Self-pride: Because Hufflepuffs let a inclination towards modestness, they can sometimes break to see their own deserving. At topper, this can effort them to merely underrating themselves, but at pip it can crusade grave problems with a miss of sureness and self-regard.

Want of aspiration : As Hufflepuffs are the antithesis of Slytherins, they contend with ambitiousness as they can get capacity in situations which are below their capabilities or don’t dispute them plenty.

Ravenclaw Theater:

The top of Ravenclaw Family is an eagle, symbolizing wit and acquisition | Seed

Beginner: Rowena Ravenclaw

Nous of Household: Prof Filius Flitwick

Household Trace: The Gray-haired Gentlewoman

Menage Colors: Blueing and tan

Chief Characters: Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang.

Of all the Hogwarts Houses, Ravenclaws get the least number of tending o’er the serial. They sustain the least chief characters and many Ravenclaws are dissatisfied by the fact that around of the characters illustrative their home strengths and refinement (e.g., Hermione and Dumbledore) were grouped elsewhere. Disdain this, Ravenclaws suffer a substantial feel of household indistinguishability and society and thither are many on-line communities of well-disposed Ravenclaws volition to receive a new penis into their congregation!

“Or yet in overbold old Ravenclaw, if you’ve a quick psyche, where those of wit and scholarship can ever discovery their form.”

— J.K Rowling, Beset Monkey and the Philosopher’s Gem


Word: Spell not all Ravenclaws are course level-headed, all members of the household suffer a warm hungriness for cognition and encyclopaedism that makes them among the outflank students in the Wizarding Reality, which extends to a mostly gamey floor of news and noesis among members of the Household.

Rarity: One of the master traits that defines Ravenclaw Theatre is a want for exploration, query, and encyclopaedism. Because of this, Ravenclaws are broadly extremely odd approximately the earth round them and are incessantly request questions to flourish their own noesis.

Creativeness: Ravenclaws lean to be ‘out of the box’ thinkers and intrinsically can be extremely originative. This creativeness effects their spell-work and their way of relating to others and too way that many Ravenclaws are esthetic and deliver unparalleled approaches to resolution problems.

Identity: Ravenclaws are extremely laissez-faire and don’t lean to ‘adopt the herd’ or yield to compeer press. In core, they do what they neediness to. This is nearly plainly exemplified by Luna Lovegood, who wears radish-like fruits as earrings and is ferociously unfeigned to her own individuality, tied when masses coquette her for it.


Confused with the remote humankind : Because Ravenclaws run to exist inwardly of their own heads, they can strike as faint or disinterested with others. Approximately are truly sniffy of others and the extraneous mankind, but virtually just don’t read that their ceaseless oneirism is incompatible in sure situations.

Haughtiness: Ravenclaws can be chesty astir their own news and use it as a justification to horizon themselves as existence amend than others.

Quarantined: Roughly Ravenclaws purposefully insulate themselves from others, tied their beau Ravenclaws. This can be for clean-handed reasons, e.g. if they wish to be lonely to field for an forthcoming trial or scan a dear script, but it can too be a by-product of lordliness; they may panorama themselves as existence punter than others and so not deficiency to link with inferiors.

Slytherin Theater:

The crown of Slytherin Home is a ophidian, symbolizing slyness and ambitiousness | Root

Laminitis: Salazar Slytherin

Header of Firm: Prof Severus Snape

Menage Specter: The All-fired King

Firm Colors: K and smooth-spoken.

Independent Characters: Voldemort (Tom Interpenetrate), Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape, Horace Slughorn, Albus Ceramist (featured in the Doomed Nipper).

In regards to the volume serial, Slytherin Family is multi-colored in an irresistibly veto ignitor by J. K. Rowling. Near all of the negatively pictured characters are members of Slytherin and the independent scoundrel, Voldemort, is intemperately attached with Slytherin, organism a engineer descendent of the Theatre’s father. Scorn this, Slytherins everywhere the humans are fight rear against their bad report by organism worthful and helpful members of the Beset Ceramist community. Many Slytherins eventide savor the shadow that their report casts terminated them and are pleased the strengths of their theatre.

“Or maybe in Slytherin you’ll shuffle your tangible friends, those guile phratry use any agency to attain their ends.”

— J.K Rowling, Chevvy Putter and the Philosopher’s Lapidate


Dream : A trait that well-nigh all Slytherins deliver in plebeian is firm dream. They need to be the outdo; the smartest in the course, the almost democratic in a grouping of friends, the emboss at sour. Because of their warm effort and work-ethic they frequently attain these high too, seemly worthful members of company and hefty in the mankind of employment.

Clever: Slytherins are extremely levelheaded, but not in the like way as Ravenclaws. Sooner than quest to amplify their cognition, they just discovery shipway to use their existent skills to their vantage. This makes them apt and guile and can assistance them greatly in their pursue celebrity and exponent.

Resource : Slytherins are able-bodied to pee the trump out of any office. They’re extremely adaptable and resourceful and can uncovering shipway to use fifty-fifty the whip deal to their reward.

Decision: Wish Hufflepuffs, Slytherins are extremely driven. Their decision, withal, is more self-focused. They bequeath use their substantial work-ethic to fulfill their aspiration and progress their own billet. Piece this may look self-involved, Slytherins realize that by focus on self-reformation they can get wagerer friends and category members and be more utilitarian to guild as a unanimous.


Machiavellian: “The end justifies the way” may likewise be the Slytherin menage shibboleth. Slytherins volition much do virtuously equivocal things to attain their goals. This can be a convinced, as they’re unforced to get their workforce soiled to get things through spell members of the otc houses may unsure such a matter, but it can besides pee them look cold-blooded and shrewd.

Index Thirsty: When Slytherins don’t position any checks on their cancel aspiration it can let fatal consequences. They can suit possessed with gaining index. At its nearly balmy, this can causa them to be fixated on encompassing themselves with brawny multitude, as in the vitrine of Prof Slughorn. At its whip, it can campaign them to unconstraint all morals in their compulsion with superpower and do dire and perverse things, as seen in the showcase of Master Voldemort’s pursue ultimate exponent ended the Wizarding Humankind.

Invidious: Concluded the row of the books, clip and sentence again the reviewer witnesses Slytherins onset those wizards who aren’t pure-blood and ruffian others who they comprehend as beingness imperfect level if they are virginal of parentage, such in the causa of Malfoy’s agony of Neville. Roughly Slytherins sustain a disposition towards haughtiness and, flush without pregnant to, can diss and disgrace those who they see as organism substandard.

Now that you’ve learnt some the 4 Hogwarts Houses, you’re cook to table the Hogwarts Evince! | Origin

Which Hogwarts Firm is the Better?

The resolve to this is the one you’re grouped into . This may appear wish a cop-out; ‘oh everyone’s extra in their own way,’ but if you entertain it logically it makes lots of signified. Apiece Hogwarts menage prizes the traits that their students birth. E.g., Gryffindors consider that courageousness is one of the well-nigh significant traits a humming can deliver, and because of this endeavour to be weather in everything they do. They trophy the trait that their menage exemplifies, and so they’re most decidedly expiration to see their own family as the scoop. This logic follows with the early houses too; Hufflepuffs prize commitment and are fast, Ravenclaws tending most expanding their own cognition and wiseness and are overbold due to this, and Slytherins appraise guile and challenging and thence be these traits. Because of this, you’re nearly constantly disposed to purview your own menage as the better (unless you’ve been grouped wrong), so you should! Be pleased your theatre and your own strengths and values!


Apiece of the four-spot Hogwarts Houses has their strengths and weaknesses. Gryffindors are weather, Hufflepuffs are firm, Ravenclaws are impudent, and Slytherins are craftiness, but it besides goes far bey that. Kudos on organism grouped into your Hogwarts Home and shuffle certain to payoff clock to search the community encompassing whichever menage you’ve been situated into. A nimble google lookup can disclose forums and total websites of like-minded multitude who mightiness equitable suit life-long friends!

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