Custodian Solutions 2016 Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award for Technology

The inaugural prize has been awarded to Custodian Solutions for having developed the “most successful new platform for anti-counterfeiting evidence capture, management and enforcement”.

This is the first ever award in the technology category.

As part of World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, the winners of the eighteenth annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Awards, sponsored by Managing Intellectual Property and the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network, were announced on the 8 June at the Paris Museum of Counterfeiting, housed at the Headquarters of the Union des Fabricants (Unifab).

The GAC awards recognise outstanding achievement by individuals and organisations in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy. Counterfeit and pirated goods cost the world economy an estimated £2 trillion per year. They are responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and injuries annually. Many organisations, companies and individuals are taking effective action against these illicit, dangerous and sub-standard goods to protect consumers, promote investment in new jobs, increase government revenues and to combat the involvement of organised crime. Various strategies were recognised as effective in preventing these illegal practices, including the implementation of successful advocacy campaigns and a strong cooperation with the public and the private sector.

Custodian is delighted and honoured to receive this recognition for its work in devising a ground-breaking technology to secure, capture and analyse anti-counterfeiting evidence from acquisition to litigation. Our cloud-based technology, developed by British software professionals and anti-counterfeiting experts, protects British and international industries and consumers from counterfeiters.

Joel Stobart, CTO of Custodian Solutions

Custodian Solutions has developed a cloud based anti-counterfeiting platform. It helps large enterprises to secure, track, trace, authenticate and analyse evidence and data as part of their brand protection and product security strategy. The service is underpinned by Custodian Analytics, a powerful heuristic analysis and integration engine.

The platform allows enterprises to efficiently identify products at risk and protect consumers. It also allows for thorough enforcement and successful litigation. Many counterfeit scams go unprosecuted due to insufficient or poorly secured evidence and a lack of macro-analysis. Custodian Solutions, which was founded by industry experts in 2013, delivers solutions to manufacturers, investigators and law enforcement agencies across the globe.

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  • 5% of all world trade is counterfeit – OECD
  • 170,000 deaths each year due to counterfeit medicine – International Policy Network
  • In the EU, as much as 5% of all imports were of counterfeited and pirated products, worth up to €85 billion – European Intellectual Property Office

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