Investigation management solutions - by investigators, for investigators.


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Investigation Manager

A powerful management digital solution specifically developed for investigators, giving you an instant overview and total control of complex investigations.

Evidence Manager

Ground-breaking management software that operates to criminal investigation standards, ensuring evidence can be properly gathered, recorded and tracked, creating a secure and reliable chain of custody.

Legal Case Manager

Cloud-based platform allowing legal and operational teams to share information, ensuring transparency, better collaboration, improved decision-making and reduced costs.

Empowering your Organisation from the Ground Up!

Custodian Solutions works with you and your organisation to effectively and efficiently manage all facets of the investigations and incident management process, allowing you to focus on getting the job done.

Tailored Just for You

We know that no two investigations are ever the same and every customer is different, which is why every case management software package we supply is always built with your specific requirements in mind.

Powerful & Intuitive

Cutting-edge technology, intelligent algorithms, clever design and robust security ensure that our solutions give you all the tools you need to streamline your investigations and quickly deal with incidents, whenever and wherever they occur.

Taking Back Control

Created by investigators for investigators, our software was developed because no other case management solution provided the results demanded. Our products put you in control of your investigations and have been tried and tested on behalf of some of the biggest brands on the planet.

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